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Who is ManavGuru?

ManavGuru Shri Chandrashekhar Guruji was a Samaritan and philanthropist who is well known for his simplicity, humility, and extraordinary charity. He has dedicated his entire life to the service of humanity.

Since the year 2000, he has served millions of people to overcome all stages of life-related problems related to health, education, career, marriage, relationship, wealth, etc. with Unique Saral vaastu Guidance which is based on scientific analysis.

In health segment specific for cancer, many patients has taken the Self-immunotherapy and experienced good results. Self-Immunotherapy is a natural treatment for Cancer. It is a one-time treatment to make them connect with Universal Energy.

About Self Immunotherapy by ManavGuru’s Unique Saral Vaastu Guidance -

Self-immunotherapy is a natural cancer treatment. It is a one-time treatment that connects cancer patients with Universal Energy and supports them holistically in their cancer treatment journey.

ManavGuru’s Unique Saral Vaastu Guidance helps people to connect with Universal Energy properly with his unique knowledge. The Self Immunotherapy guidance session takes 3 hours, wherein the patient gets aligned and open to harness the Universal Energy.

Once the patient connects with the Universal Energy, the Universal Energy starts flowing in the body through blood circulation. Also, it helps in better nourishment through oxygen & food (energy) to trillions of cells including T-cell.

When T-Cells get sufficient food (energy) and oxygen, they become strong enough to fight cancer cells. The treatment/recovery/healing takes approximately 9 – 180 days to achieve its optimum potential that helps to build immunity and equips an individual to fight cancer cells better.

Being a natural procedure it is free of any side effects. The Self-Immunotherapy does not include any surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, medicine, diet, yoga, and meditation. Even people going through other medical procedures can expect a positive impact through this treatment.

Universal Energy

Every person, animal, bird, tree, river, sea, mountain, earth, sky, and every living and non-living thing exists because of energy. We call this energy, Universal Energy.

Universal Energy is everywhere but cannot be seen. It can neither be created nor be destroyed. We are surrounded by it all the time.

Every person needs to connect with Universal Energy through their High Vibrational Frequency with respect to their house and workplace.

When this happens, Universal Energy starts to channelize in the body of the person and in their house/workplace. As a result, it brings positive changes in the person’s life and they start achieving whatever they want in their life just within 9 to 180 days.

How to connect with Universal Energy

Anyone in this world, irrespective of religion, can connect with Universal Energy by following ManavGuru’s Unique Saral Vaastu Guidance.

ManavGuru’s Unique Guidance will show a unique path to all family members in their house/workplace to connect with Universal Energy. It is a one-time implementation at your house/workplace. Every person has 4 High Vibrational Frequencies (Good Directions) and 4 Low Vibrational frequencies (Bad Directions) according to their date of birth. The same vibrational frequencies are applicable at their residence and workplace. Universal Energy also has unique energy with a unique vibrational frequency.

Once a person and the place where he resides or works are connected with Universal Energy according to their vibrational frequencies, Universal Energy starts to channelize in the body of the person and the place. Also, it starts to flow along with the blood through the arteries and the veins. As a result, it clears blockages in arteries and veins connected to specific organs. At the same time, Universal Energy is supplied to trillions of cells in the body as and when required.

When trillions of cells and the organs in the body get sufficient Universal Energy, they become more energized and active. This ensures the smooth functioning of the whole body. As a result, every family member becomes physically, mentally, socially, economically, and intellectually stronger. This helps the person to lead an Anandmay Jeevan or happy life. They also achieve whatever they want in life just in 9 to 180 days.

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How to Approach Us?

  • We are a global organization and provide services worldwide.
  • Fix an appointment by contacting us at +91 8657962062 or filling the above form.
  • After taking the patient’s details, we will fix the video call appointment to make your house plan.
  • After creating your house plan, we will analyze it and suggest what you have to do in your house to connect with Universal Energy.
  • After following the given guidance, you will start experiencing positive changes within 9-180 days, and you will be free from cancer.
  • No Physical visits are required. All process is through video calls.
  • Monthly follow-ups till six months through Video Calls.

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