If you fail to experience any positive changes, it shall be at the discretion of the Company to return the consultancy charges paid by you to the Company after deducting applicable taxes paid thereon subject to 100% implementation of suggestions/remedies by you within 1(one) months from the date of suggestions/remedies given and 8 months period expired subsequent thereto and handing over the materials back to the Company.

Provided further that charges paid towards CWR shall be non-returnable.

Provided further that if you have availed a loan facility from the impanelled vendor of the Company for payment of consultancy charges and complied with terms and conditions contained herein, then the following criteria shall be applied for return of consultancy charges:

(i) If you have paid all installments, then only principal loan amount will be returned irrespective interest paid thereon by you after deducting applicable taxes paid thereon by us.

(ii) If you commit default in payment of installments, the no return shall be applicable.

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